Christine Dang Real Estate Agent Las Vegas NV

Best real estate agent in Las Vegas NV with 5-stars ★★★★★


Ann Scott

Christine was the very best I have ever run into. Wonderful digital photography and staging. Christine did an excellent market analysis, and the greatest deal I received on my house was exactly what she told me the leading offer would certainly be.


Genevieve Jacobs265

I have actually been involved in many real estate transactions but this was the greatest as well as easiest due to a fantastic property agent. Many thanks Christine for your effort.


Kara Hamilton54

We are incredibly satisfied with your terrific service as well as hard work executed by Christine Dang in the marketing of our Las Vegas home.


Amy Outlaw

My sale of our home was great with Christine due to the fact that she sold our house for more than what we were really hoping we would be able to do.


Milly Mossing

Wonderful transaction on the selling of our house done by Christine and we made a lot of money. Amazing professionalism and quick.


Anita Thrasher

Excellent! Will contact Christine once again without a doubt!