Angela Walker Real Estate Agent Saginaw TX

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Chris Dean

After offering our home way above market price, Angela appeared to understand simply what we were trying to find just by spending a few minutes visiting with us. We are very delighted with our home! Perfect place to live in a nice neighborhood! Angela, you are great!


dtyhd Shantay

I bought some real estate through Angela a couple of years back. I discovered that she was actually incredibly expert and of an impressive support to my residence buying knowledge. However the genuine verification was actually when Angela marketed my property for so much more than ever thought possible since I bought it correctly, with the help of Angela. Angela was available to aid me in every step of the transaction, and even went so far as to schedule and meet all assessors, evaluators, and mechanics throughout the procedure. And she created purchasing a property coming from yet another state a remarkably easy process, as well as our company closed in 3 weeks! Thanks Angela!


Susan Young

Angela put together excellent advertising products which led to a punctual arrangement. The property selling method has come to be considerably intricate over the last few years and Angela expertly took care of every action of the process. We highly encourage the choice of Angela.


Aimee Roman

I have been party to a lot of real estate deals but this was actually the most effective and most convenient due to a terrific real estate representative. Many thanks Angela for your effort.


Matsumura Holman

We are very pleased with the result we had with this terrific property agent because mainly we made more profit on the sale of our residence than anybody expected. Thanks again Angela!


Carrie Coleman

We were impressed particularly relaxed because of how she had the ability to arrange for the purchase of our house for much more cash than our experts had counted on.


Fallon Taylor

You certainly gained for us way more than your compensation. Many thanks as well as the Lord bless.


Alison Alvarez

My sale was terrific with Angela considering that she sold our home for way more than what we were hoping we could be able to sell it for.